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Noémi & Tomi I Couple I Párfotózás

Frissítve: 2022. szept. 26.

Noémi and Tomi was such a great couple to photoshoot. During the preparation they were always super calm about the session and I just expected a little different vibes. And then we got to the beach and everything changed and they created an experience that every photographer wants to have.

The way they love each other, the vibe that comes along with them was just a wow experience. I had not turn my camera on but they already started to pose in a funny way and then just did what I asked for. Everything was so natural with them!

I had such a luck to have this lovely session.

Also, these pictures were taken on my favorite beach in Stråvalla. Beautiful sunset and sand. ❤️ I am excited about these.

This session was not just a photoshoot but a UP Imaginarium was also with us to shoot a beautiful video about them. You can check it on his Instagram.

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