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Niki & Peti

Frissítve: 2023. jún. 26.

When I first met with Niki it was back in February when I had my mentoring session with her because she is a photographer too. When we had a chat I told her that whenever they want to visit Gothenburg just let me know, I would love to host them.

So then a few weeks later she randomly texted me with the date and also fixed it. She came with her other half, Peti.

We had such a great time. Wet talked long in the nights. I always cherish those times when we can have nice and long talks with people. And it was like that. Candles on the table, beer in the glasses and honest talks.

She also asked me to have a couple photo session with them. So on our second day we grabbed our cameras and went to the city to discover and at some points we also had short photoshoots.

That was my first photo session in the city of Gothenburg and I really enjoyed it. We started on my favorite street called Sankt Sigfridsgatan. That street has a very special vibes with its house with all those different colors. We sneaked into a small garden to have some nice photos at the stairs of a house. We continued our way to city to have a nice brunch and then ended up in a coffee roaster. Niki worked as a barista and I think it is hard to find a place that fits better to her. When you visit Gothenburg you cannot miss Haga, the oldest district of the city that also offered some very nice view to our next shoot.

Having a couple photoshoot is always exciting. Seeing the couple and their love. The way they touch each other, the way they laugh with each other and all the special moments they have just fill your heart and a very special thing to experience. And I am happy that I had the chance to do it with them as well.

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