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Frissítve: 2023. jún. 26.

This beautiful woman on this picture is Adél. A lawyer. We’ve been knowing each other for more than 25 years.

I had a chance to have this photoshoot in the beautiful Nordix Rooms in Budapest. I had been wanting to have a session here for long time and I think I found a great person for that. Actually persons… because I had another photoshoot here with a couple, but that is another album. You can find them as "Eszter & Gábor"

This photo shoot recalled all my good memories with Adél. We often played together and she came over many many times to play cashier but we also ride bicycles on the sunny summer afternoons.

She was shy, a very good student , very kind and super cute. And look at her now. A beautiful woman!

Last time we met… it was long long time. We right away started to catch up on life and share some moments about our journeys. It filled my heart.

Check my pictures! And reach out to me in case you want a session.

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