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This is a beautiful beach close to Riga.

Photos by Andrea Mochnács

Honest and cool wedding, lifestyle and mood photographer

This is me being happy in a coffee place in Vienna.

Hi There!

I am Andi, the founder of cēhā. Where does this name comes from? That’s my nickname. I got it in high-school, most of the people know me with this name, they call me like this and I think nothing could express me and my brand better than this name.

My story

I think the turning point was when I got a simple compact Nikon digital camera from my parents when I was a little kid. However photography as a passion was – in a way – inherited from my grandfather as he loved taking photos and eternalizing moments. We have many photo albums about family and other social gatherings that contain many many stories and feelings.


So that small Nikon Coolpix  determined my path even if we were not aware of it back then. That was the time when I started to play with pictures, catching those moments and feelings I had in my heart and felt that could be worth a click.


That evolved with the time when I finally got to the point to buy my first DSLR Nikon camera during my high school years. It was a D40X, an entry level gear which was later on upgraded to a D300. I think I experimented a lot. 


Even from the early years I loved to photograph people and moods. With time I changed and found myself more and more which added some additional flavor to my pictures as well, although I took a longer break.

Few years ago I find my way back inspired, motivated and supported by many people from my close environment and around the World. I feel that my art is defined by people, moods, feelings and food. 


I am also influenced by food, people, places, music, my past, my present or even a smile and a caring touch as well. Thriving to catch and grasp the feelings and moments that you can cherish in your life.

It is me, Andrea, being happy in Vienna.
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