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Zsófi & Zoli

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Zoli was a good colleague of mine when I worked for one of the multinational companies in Hungary. I was really happy when he contacted me about the photoshoot. We have not really talked in a while so that is why i was super thrilled that I can meet with his girlfriend, Zsófi and have a memorable photo session with them.

By the way, yes, I am an office soldier when I don’t hold my camera in my hand or my daughter.

We had some discussion where to have this photoshoot. I offered 3-4 places and one of them was the Botanical Garden in Budapest. Since I was visiting home and I love botanical gardens that place was obvious for me. Fortunately they liked it, so we ended up there.

To all of you who plan a photoshoot there, please note that there is a ticket for photoshoots. Probably more information can be found on their website. Check it, because I had not done.

During the photoshoot they were super cute, you could see how balanced they are with each other. Honest smiles every time they looked at each other and whenever their touches met. Even if there was a little timidness in front of the camera I could definitely catch some intimacy.

I am super grateful for this photoshoot. I literally loved all the photo sessions I had and it was different.

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