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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Originally this photoshoot should have been a couple one but her partner could not join. Life happens. So at the very end we kept the date and had a portrait session with Justyna. And it was a great decision.

Justyna is a show jumper. Horses are her passion. So we added a twist to the photoshoot. Fortunately the location allowed us to have a little fun as a cool down. Luckily she was super open for that. I think her smile and laugh can tell a lot.

In general I think it was a really easy session, because it was super easy with her. No stress. She came, she did not seem nervous in front of the camera.

All the time we bumped into kindness in Poland. I will talk about it later but it was the same with her.

Our lucky day was 1st April, April’s fool and I can tell that the wind fooled us. It was crazy. We got used to the wind in Sweden but it was hardcore. :D

The locations was the beach in Sopot. Why had I never heard about this place?! Really! That beach with the pier is so-so cool and has a special atmosphere. I want to go back. I will go back… without the wind.

I hope you like these pictures.

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