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Eszter & Gábor

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Couple photoshoot is always an exciting one. Having two persons in front of your camera who loves each other is always a blessing.

You can meet different type of people but you can always tell and you can always find those tiny little things that are their owns. The way they talk about things or about their stories. How they met or how their engagement happened… or where. The way they look at each other. Maybe a unique thing that you are not even aware of.

These people have different stories that you can capture and for that one hour you can be part of it. Isn’t it magical? I think it is in a way.

Gábor and Eszter is engaged but their story is a bit different than the classic ones. They don’t have a ring. You can guess what symbolize their engagement.

And one more additional fun fact. We had another rapid session in their home. They asked me if it would be OK for me to go to their place and take some additional pictures in their home. Hell yes!

The first part of this couple photoshoot was in Nordix Rooms studio in Budapest. I have already mentioned in my previous blog post that this studio is beautiful and it is very hard to describe my excitement when I entered to the room.

I really loved the studio session but being home was different. I love how their home represented them.

They are plant lovers. Their living room is stuffed with pretty plants and with all the design, it is super cool.

They love puzzles. Pandemic hit them hard and what else to do than having a puzzle with 5000 pieces to pass the time. That is why we wanted to shoot some moments about this activity as well.

Both environments have some some special vibe. Hard to tell which one I love more.

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