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Andi & Máté

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

I spent my December in Hungary and we have been planning this photoshoot with my high school friend, Andi and her other half, Máté for some time.

Andi is pretty much in love with nature and water so we were sure that the our spot will be somewhere outside and close to the water. We could not go to the Balaton but find another pretty cool place where they fitted well. That was Kisoroszi.

That area, it is also called Danube Bend, I think is a very outstanding place with its beauty and we were right in the middle of it.

Fortunately both of them have an easy-going personality and the photoshoot went well. There is an undeniable vibe and harmony between them. Whenever they look at each other there is a smile on their face with shining eyes.

We had fun and we laugh a lot. I would repeat this session anytime.

That was the first time for me to be there so it was pretty random but we were creative and managed our time there well. I cannot tell which picture I love the most, but I really into this set.

If you want to have a crazy and fun photoshoot with your loved one, just contact me and we will figure everything out.

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