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Orsi was one of the first persons who I had a photoshoot with. Or I actually dared ask to go out, have a walk and take some photos about her. It was two years ago at Delsjön Lake in Gothenburg.

2 years later we repeated the session at the same place but I can tell that we both have changed a lot. I was more confident behind the camera and no question she was in front of it too.

Last year she decided to change a little and focus more on herself. She is more confident now and looks just simply great and I also felt the difference.

I love that area and fortunately I live just 25 minutes walk from it. I walk to there 2-3 times per week now, I cannot wait to summer and we can even swim in the lake. So we met 9 am, this was my second morning shoot ever and luckily we had perfect lights. On my way to the lake it was still snowing a little.

She also brought some other clothes to spice up the pictures and add some additional flavor to it. I really like that she did not worry about the cold, she was confident when she said that “I am okay without a jacket”. Okay, let’s be honest after 20 minutes it was cold for her too. And by the end it was nice to took back the jacket, get back to the car and go back to our warm homes. She quickly came up to my apartment to have a coffee and hot homemade pho soup. Perfect ending.

I am really proud of her as he just did what she has decided and nothing could stop her. She got far and going even further. Spending time with herself and this photoshoot was also part of it… to catch many moments of her beauty.

A note to self: when it is almost zero degree outside, I should not forget to bring some hot tea in a thermos bottle.

If you want to have some portraits to boost your self-confidence, to have some time with yourself and have the best #metime ever, contact me, let me know and do an awesome photoshoot.

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